What is Referendumland?

Referendumland is a virtual reality created in the mind of the observer who is completely unaware of the unreality and who behaves as though everything were real. His actions, however, in this drugged state, affect the real world. And thus, the whole point of the illusion:  to make the victim act in the real world, while believing he is doing something else.

Referendumland is the product of inherent characteristics of the observer:  largely, ego.  However, the illusionary world is dependent upon and shaped by external influences, chiefly mass media applied to general ignorance and the willingness to be deceived.  As in hypnosis, incessant repetition is required to maintain the dupe fast asleep.  Thus, the background noise in Referendumland is the sound of snoring.

Which recalls the words of John Stuart Mill in his treatise on Representative Government,1 approved by Albert Venn Dicey, the great British constitutionalist in his Introduction to the Study of the Law of the Constitution 2:

Let us remember, then, in the first place, that political institutions (however the proposition may be at times ignored) are the work of men—owe their origin and their whole existence to human will.  Men did not wake on a summer morning and find them sprung up.  Neither do they resemble trees, which, once planted, “are aye growing” while men “are sleeping.”  In every stage of their existence they are made what they are by human voluntary agency.

The Supreme Court of Canada, sitting as a non-judicial advisory board in the Quebec Secession Reference, said:


The [unwritten] principles assist in the interpretation of the text and the delineation of spheres of jurisdiction, the scope of rights and obligations, and the role of our political institutions.  Equally important, observance of and respect for these principles is essential to the ongoing process of constitutional development and evolution of our Constitution as a “living tree” …”.3

Like the unconscious field, infinite in expanse, Referendumland extends every way in the distance, easily obscuring the sign posts of truth, suppressing all risk of doubt in the drugged stupor of a mind sunk in illusion.

In Canada, men “are sleeping”.

Referendumland is psychological warfare by the elites against their willing dupes.

1  John Stuart Mill, Considerations on Representative Government
2  Albert Venn Dicey, Introduction to the Study of the Law of the Constitution (LF ed.) [1915]; quoting John Stuart Mill on Representative Government, p. 4.

3  Reference re Secession of Quebec, [1998] 2 S.C.R. 217, para. 52.