The Politician in Referendumland

Keith Henderson

Keith Henderson

The star client of The Law Professor and Golf Pro in Referendumland is litigant, Keith Henderson.  Keith Henderson is The Politician in Referendumland.  Henderson quietly observed the Quebec Legislature passing a coup d’état in the form of a statute, with an ‘in force and effect’ date of February 28, 2001.  Henderson did nothing about it, despite the well known effects of “presumption of constitutionality” and abundant precedents for judicial interception of similar events to avert catastrophe.  In this case, the failure to avert has caused Time to stop in Referendumland.

“Oui, mais, après la Guerre deuxième et euh… la communauté
européenne, il y a une ouverture et une liberté qui est vraiment
inouï, j’étais vraiment surpris …!”

Translation of this original French statement of Keith Henderson, made to Ricardo Di Done on film:  “Yes, but, after the Second World War and uh … the European Community, there is an openness and a liberty which is really unheard-of, I was really surprised!”

In an English-language interview with Di Done, Henderson again praises the European Community:

“But, we have been misled over these decades … by — and it’s ironic [finger-pointing and proudly sneering] because … these old ideas about, you know, protect yourself, from “la langue francaise” and “on doit se protéger” — those are European ideas from fifty to a hundred years ago.  Those are old, nationalist things, and so many Europeans left Europe to get away from that.  To come here, because they thought it was free and open and they could teach their kids, you know, Italian and English, and French.

And we’re getting misled, we’re going down the wrong path.  It’s the old European path of ethnic nationalism.  And what I hope to see for the future is that we start — our politicians start going to Europe, ironically, and learning what they’re doing.  That’s what Canada should be.”

The 1995 Quebec referendum on North American Union

The 1995 Quebec referendum on North American Union.  Translation:  “Yes and it becomes possible”.  Not Quebec “sovereignty” but the end of the nation-state, including the end of a new and only temporary Quebec nation-state required to lead the “negotiations” to destroy it all.  Do you think the question was “clear”?  Do you think the Americans might have liked a vote?

Henderson is a globalist.  He means openness (“ouverture”) as in Open Borders, which is really what Scott and Henderson are pursuing for Canada:  complete dissolution by forcing all the provinces to “negotiate” decentralizing Canada into international city-state regions in a borderless North America after a “Yes” in Quebec.  If you hadn’t noticed one of the official logos of the 1995 referendum, it was a map of the North American Union; still underway despite the allegations NAFTA has ended.


Also notice that Trudeau colleague, René Lévesque, in his referendum in 1980, was trying to dismantle Canada to convert it to the European Community system.  We thus have, in Politician Keith Henderson, not an opponent of the dismantling of Canada, not an advocate of Canadian “unity” (which is compulsory under the Constitution and not an option) but controlled opposition.  His “Bill 99” file at Quebec Superior Court is a part of it:  an integrated part of the overthrow of Canada.