The Law Professor in Referendumland

Stephen Allan Scott

Stephen Allan Scott

Stephen Allan Scott is The Law Professor and Golf Pro in Referendumland.  In real life, Scott usually keeps his head down, which is great for a golf swing, but also keeps him out of the limelight while his client and sub-counsel face the media.  Scott had his iron in for the 1982 phony “patriation”,1 including free golf tips to the Kershaw Committee in England, under Lord Anthony Kershaw, who deceived United Kingdom Parliament into passing a coup d’état as a “new” constitution for Canada.  Scott has had a swing at all major subsequent attempts to “warp” what is left of the Constitution of Canada (after the 1982 coup d’état) to purchase international state recognition for Quebec after a “Yes” in a final referendum.  To that end, Scott has taken a shot at the Meech Lake and Charlottetown Accords, and continues to play a major role in warping reality, above all “legal” reality.

In 1994, the year before the 1995 Quebec referendum, Law Professor, Stephen Allan Scott, tactically founded the Special Committee on Canadian Unity.  Scott’s deceptively named Special Committee on Canadian “Unity” is really a Special Committee on the Mode of Dismantling Canada.  Scott and his band of Charter warriors are trying to enforce “negotiation” to dismantle all of Canada rather than let Quebec float off alone into the Atlantic.  There is no opposition to the break-up of Canada, as the Special Committee name implies.  The Law Professor and The Politician in Referendumland, like the armed belligerents in Lilliput, are fighting over which way to crack an egg.  In this case, over which way to break up Canada.
Scott is lead counsel in the current “emergency proceeding” at Quebec Superior Court (pending for nearly twenty years while prosecuted in fits and starts).2  Most of the original litigants now being senile or dead, Politician Keith Henderson intrepidly pursues his “Bill 99” “case” alone.

“Give it a good whack!”

1  See, online, “Patriation and Legitimacy of the Canadian Constitution” by Barry Lee Strayer (1982).
2  “Law Professor Scott” has been lead counsel in the controlled opposition against a Quebec UDI.  He first emerges, for the plaintiffs, in Roopnarine Singh et al. v. Attorney General of Quebec, filed 23 October 1995 (S.C. 500 05 011275 593).  He is currently up first in the mutating file of Henderson et al v. AG Quebec, filed 10 May 2001 (S.C. 500 05-065031-013); Quebec (Procureur general) c Henderson, 220 D.L.R. (4th) 691, [2002] R.J.Q. 2435, 2002 CarswellQue 1711, J.E. 2002-1672, REJB 2002-33374 (C.S. Que. Aug 16, 2002); Henderson c. Québec (Procureur général), 2007 QCCA 1138 (CanLII), 500-09-012698-023 ([2007] RJQ 2174); Henderson c. Procureure générale du Québec, 2018 QCCS 1586 (CanLII).