Key to Interpretation

Clues to the Story

Rather than leave you in a quandary, Alice Little, the real author of The Adventures of Alice in Referendumland, will give you some clues.


In the original Alice by Lewis Carroll, her main co-protagonist is the White Rabbit, serving as the Royal Herald of the Queen of Hearts.  In Referendumland, however, the main co-protagonist of Alice is Constitutional Cat.
Cat gives counsel to Alice concerning her true nemesis, The Green Queen.  Unbeknownst to all, The Green Queen is overseeing the game of golf in Referendumland, whose real aim is to sink a ball on The Final Hole — any ball will do.  All the balls in Referendumland are numbered 91.
Number 91 refers to the federal power of the Central Parliament of Canada at Section 91 of the British North America Act, 1867.  The BNA Act remains Canada’s only lawful Constitution notwithstanding Red Pierre Trudeau’s 1982 Charter coup d’état.  The goal of The Green Queen, using intervenors, is to destroy the Parliament by dismantling Confederation.
Another name for Section 91 is the Peace, Order and Good Government power, or POGG for short.
Constitutional Cat is invisible to everyone but Alice.  Cat arrives in a glow or as a voice out of nowhere, or appears to Alice — in part or in whole — as a lovely Black Cat on a tree branch.  Constitutional Cat is loosely modeled on Alice’s real cat, asleep at home, a lovely Bombay called Sheba.
Constitutional Cat provides advice or a hint to Alice on Constitutional matters, even if, at times, enigmatically.
In Referendumland, the main characters embroiled in the game of destroying the Parliament are Keith Henderson (The Politician in Referendumland) and Stephen Allan Scott (The Lawyer and Golf Pro in Referendumland).  Henderson and Scott know what the game is really for.  They must destroy the Parliament in Ottawa or there can never be a world government.
Scott and Henderson have a loyal third man, lawyer Brent Tyler (the torpid Dormouse in Referendumland).  Tyler has no clue that destroying Parliament, by any means, is treason.  Tyler has been duped by Stephen Allan Scott into thinking he is fighting to destroy the Parliament “according to law”, as if one manner versus another of doing it could make treason legal.
In Referendumland, Scott and Henderson, and Tyler, are the main instruments of The Green Queen, whose bidding they are doing.
In real life, Scott and Henderson, and Tyler, are litigating at Quebec Superior Court in Montreal, with trips to the Court of Appeal.  They have the same end in view as their doubles in Referendumland:  to destroy the Parliament.  But their method in real life is to force the “negotiations” to dismantle Canada, so that not only Quebec, but all the provinces will be revolutionized.  A revolution will put all the federal powers into the hands of the provinces, automatically eradicating the Parliament by stealing Section 91.
Tyler, however, is unaware of the goal of world government.  Whether in real life or in Referendumland, Tyler has no clue that Stephen Allan Scott and Keith Henderson are using him.
In the original Alice by Lewis Carrol, the game is croquet, played with flamingos as the malets to hit live hedgehogs as the croquet balls.  In Referendumland, the game is golf, played with live beavers to sink the Parliament represented by the Peace, Order and Good Government power, ball 91.
Clues to unlock Referendumland will appear below under each of the episodes.



Down the Constitutional Hole

  1. “[T]he distant twinkle of a storm”.  The storm is an important metaphor in Referendumland, as it is in Canada in the real world.  The FLQ communist terrorists, active in Quebec primarily in the 1960s, used to say:  “The storm is coming”.  The Communists meant that Canada would be violently washed away when Quebec was removed by declaring its independence.
    Constitutionally, that would be correct.  Confederation would be swept out to sea.  The nation-state hated by the Communists would be ended.  The world government awaited by the Communists would begin.
    In Referendumland, the storm is always forecast by twinkling.  The twinkling represents any aspect of the storm, whether lightning on the horizon, or the black “pall of pepper” that showers down after ball 91 has been sunk on The Final Hole.

    “A black rain of pepper came thundering down, darkening everything.  Oddly, ominously, the pepper itself twinkled as it fell, the way snow does at night under a street light.  But this dark falling substance was unlike any rain or snow that Alice ever saw.”

    We find pepper in Lewis Carroll’s Alice, but in Referendumland it represents the breakup of Canada by the storm planned to sweep away the country by “secession”.
    In Referendumland, three sisters live at the bottom of a hole. Their names are Crown, Commons and Senate.  They comprise the Parliament.  They live on “pepper”.  In other words, they are living on borrowed time pending the Storm that will flood the holes in Referendumland with pepper, wiping out Canada.  The Green Queen, who is really Canada’s foe, has turned the country into a golf ground where The Queen’s Team and The People’s Team vigorously wield their beavers in a bid to destroy Confederation.


  3. “Volume 41”.  Alice falls asleep reading Hansard about the drafting of Pierre Trudeau’s 1982 Charter.  Alice doesn’t realize the Charter is a coup d’état, not a constitutional amendment.  When Alice awakes from her trip to Referendumland, she will find the Charter is gone, and the world has changed.  Confederation will have been saved, and all while she dreamed.

  5. “At that very instant, the clock in the Parliament tower began ticking backwards:  Back!  Back!  Back!, but Alice hardly noticed, so intent she was on the fleeing rabbit.”
    Notice that everything happens in threes in Referendumland.  Three represents the Parliament, composed of Crown, Commons and Senate.  Whether it’s “Back!  “Back!  “Back!” meaning that her voyage down The Constitutional Hole will ultimately take Alice back in time to Canada before the coup d’etat, or whether it’s “Down!  Down!  Down!”, as in the storm of falling pepper.


The Garden of the Constitution

A Mad Tea Party in the Castle of the Constitution

The Black Queen Flies in Referendumland

The SPQLibre  Bar and Golf Lounge

The Sinister StratasFear

“War Is Me” — The Mushroom in Referendumland

­The Green Queen’s Golf Association

…  And more to come.