Interpretation of “War is Me! ”― The Mushroom in Referendumland


W ar is Me!”: The Mushroom in Referendumland is none other than Joseph Eliot Magnet, a professor of constitutional law and a government adviser in Canada.

Joseph Eliot Magnet, the Mushroom in Referendumland

Joseph Eliot Magnet, the Mushroom in

In 1994, Joseph Eliot Magnet deliberately misled the Canadian public by encouraging acceptance of local civil war after a Yes in the 1995 Quebec “sovereignty” referendum.
Magnet encouraged the Canadian people to accept that the Founding Peoples of Canada and the Aboriginals, must slaughter each other in a civil war in Quebec, so the Communist UN could pick a winner.
However, Confederation was designed between 1861 and 1866 to prevent civil war by denying secession.  Therefore, anyone elected by the unaware public, who marches into a Legislature ― whether federal or provincial ― intent upon seceding or accepting secession, is outside the law, cannot be sworn in, for his oath of office or allegiance is void for treason.  The statute books of the Legislature, when those in their seats defy the Constitution, are also void, because they are not “government” despite the fact they hold onto their seats.  Lawful government cannot exist under void oaths.  Thus, the term “Parti Québécois government” is an oxymoron.  It is not possible to take seats on a secession platform and then be “reduced to the difficult task of governing”.  Void oaths cannot become non-void if the treason doesn’t work out, and the coup wishes to continue governing.
As a professor of constitutional law, Magnet knew these referendums are illegal.  He moreover had to know they are Communist in nature, on the Yugoslav model of “industrial democracy” (workers’ control), not “separatist”, in no way designed to improve the situation of the ethnic French Canadians in Canada. Legally speaking, their situation would be excellent if they would enforce their rights under the Constitution instead of living by the headlines and ignorant public opinion.
16 Months before the 1995 referendum in Quebec to “secede”, Joseph Eliot Magnet published his “legal advice” to the general public in the Quebec French daily, Le Devoir  of 18-19 June 1994.
His article was called:  “Crise constitutionnelle à l’horizon” (Constitutional crisis on the horizon).  The subhead read:  “Dans l’hypothèse d’une déclaration unilatérale d’indépendance du Québec” (“In the event of a unilateral declaration of independence by Quebec”).  He published similar advice in English in the Ottawa Citizen.
Magnet said (translation):

“The ground is prepared for a deadly confrontation”.

He meant a military confrontation.  In the same item in Le Devoir, he says:

“International law sanctions the end result of the revolution if certain criteria are respected:  the secessionist government has effective control over the territory it has claimed, and the secessionist government receives the support of the people it claims to govern.  Essentially, these conditions are military and political issues that depend on the military and political results of the revolution.” 1

Evidence that Canada’s federal government is involved in the overthrow of this country is the following passage by Magnet in the same article:

“The Ministry of Defense has certainly developed plans to prepare.  The Ministry has strengthened security measures at the large Bagotville air base in Quebec, where 26 CF-18 fighters are based, at the Army Mobile Command headquarters in Saint-Hubert, and on the base of the 5th Brigade Group of Valcartier.  The ground is prepared for a deadly confrontation.  As in all conflicts of this kind, anything can happen; the result is always uncertain.  That is why, in international law, the boundaries of an independent Quebec may not be identical to the current borders of the province.  The military and political results, which are uncertain, will determine the boundaries of Quebec.” 2

Considering that secession is illegal in Canada, meaning impossible, which Joseph Eliot Magnet definitely has to know, as does our de facto federal government ― our ZOG occupation government ― Magnet’s deceptions addressed to the public are nothing but pure sedition and high treason.
Indeed, the results are not “uncertain”; because one thing is quite certain.  No one who defies the Constitution can sit and vote laws for Canada, because his oath is void.  He cannot be sworn into office if he intends to defy the Constitution.  He therefore cannot call a referendum; he cannot issue a UDI, because he can’t set foot in the Legislature to do so.
Thus, there is no risk at all of civil war emanating from a Legislature.  Therefore, no civil war is possible in Canada among the Founders and the Aboriginals, because those who intend to start one are prohibited from taking office.  And the imbecile who swears them in should be tried and jailed for treason.  Traitors do not constitute government; traitors do not make law.  Treason is not a political option.
Thus, the capital importance to the coup of creatures like Mr. Magnet, who lie to the public to maintain control after decades of illegal government by traitors intending to overthrow their country.
Again, in 1998, in collusion with the federal government, Big Business and the Communists behind the Quebec referendums, all pushing toward North American Union, Joseph Eliot Magnet abused his position and his acronym as a PhD, in an effort to destroy Canada for world government under Israel by a forced dissolution similar to the one that terminated the formerly sovereign nation of Yugoslavia in rivers of blood.

Interviewed on the CBC TV to explain the meaning of the 1998 Secession opinion of the Supreme Court of Canada (which was entirely collusive and a fraud), Magnet laughed hysterically in the lobby of the Supreme Court building, and said:

“No, ya can’t get out under the constitution.  No, ya can’t get out at international law.  But!  If ya really wanna get out, and ya tell everybody ya really hafta get out, a way will be found to get out”.

Magnet is casually referring here to destroying the world’s second largest country.  Part of the “way” to “be found” is Magnet’s own lying to the public  to subject them to a civil war while their country is overthrown.  And while their sons and daughters are forced to slaughter each other to get it done.  This is not politics that you are looking at.  This is high treason against the people of the country.
The details on the unlawful, unconstitutional “way” to “be found” to which Magnet is referring, require a much longer post than this one.
Magnet’s short bio from an article of his:

“Joseph Magnet teaches constitutional law at the University of Ottawa.  The author of nine books on constitutional law, he has argued many constitutional cases before the Supreme Court, and advised the federal and Quebec governments on constitutional issues.”

In other words, this professional subverter is brainwashing our children  to involve them in a civil war to destroy their country, while palming it off as “law”.  He is paid to “advise” our governments, packed with foreigners ignorant and unconcerned with our history and our law, when they aren’t defaming them and us, and with traitors and imbeciles.


In the episode “War is me!” in Referendumland, the Mushroom cries, “Kill!  Kill!  Kill!”.  This not only refers to the civil war that Magnet promotes in Canada in 1994 to destroy this country outside the law; it also is an echo of the infamous words of Ilya Ehrenburg in the Second World War when, as a Communist strategist, he had leaflets printed with “Kill!  Kill!  Kill!”, and showered them down upon a battle field where the Soviets had engaged the Germans.
The leaflet, entitled simply:  “Kill,” incited Russian soldiers to treat the Germans as subhuman.  The final paragraph concludes:

“The Germans are not human beings.  From now on, the word ‘German’ is the most horrible curse.  From now on, the word ‘German’ strikes us to the quick.  We have nothing to discuss.  We will not get excited.  We will kill.  If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day … If you cannot kill a German with a bullet, then kill him with your bayonet.  If your part of the front is quiet and there is no fighting, then kill a German in the meantime … If you have already killed a German, then kill another one – there is nothing more amusing to us than a heap of German corpses.  Don’t count the days, don’t count the kilometers.  Count only one thing:  the number of Germans you have killed.  Kill the Germans! … – Kill the Germans! Kill!” (cited in De, Zayas, Alfred M. “Nemesis at Potsdam:  the Anglo-Americans and the Expulsion of the Germans:  Background, Execution, Consequences”.  London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1977.  p. 66)

Apparently, to Joseph Eliot Magnet, the Canadian Founding Peoples and the Aboriginals are not human beings.  Here, too, there is “nothing to discuss”, but Magnet, unlike Ehrenburg, does indeed “get excited”.  Delirious with joy, Magnet can’t contain himself.&nbsp. He laughs hysterically that Canada can be destroyed so easily (with benefit to none but Israel).
There is apparently nothing more amusing to Joseph Eliot Magnet than a heap of Canadian corpses (draped in red flags and blue flags) on the road to world government out of Israel after the dissolution of the West.
Magnet duly inherits the infamy of Communist Ilya Ehrenburg … for the war here hasn’t even started yet, but the “law professor” who “advises government” is busy arranging the killings.

1  French original:  “Le droit international sanctionne le résultat final de la révolution si certains critères sont respectés:  le gouvernement sécessionniste a le contrôle effectif du territoire qu’il revendique et le gouvernement sécessionniste reçoit l’appui de la population qu’il prétend gouverner.  Essentiellement, ces conditions sont des questions d’ordre militaires et politique qui dépendent des résultats militaires et politiques de la révolution.”  It is fundamental to constitutional law in Canada ― as in civilized countries ― that no one intending a “revolution” can be lawfully sworn into office.  Moreover, the word “revolution” is a euphemism to hide a coup d’état of a handful of elites, and not a willing overthrow of their own government by the people.
2  French original:  “Le ministère de la Défense a certainement élaboré des plans pour se préparer.  Le ministère a renforcé les mesures de sécurité sur l’importante base aérienne de Bagotville au Québec, où sont basés 26 CF-18 meurtriers, aux quartiers généraux de la Force mobile de l’armée à Saint-Hubert, de même que sur la base du 5e Groupe-brigade de Valcartier.  Le terrain est prêt pour un affrontement mortel.  Comme dans tous les conflits de ce genre, tout peut arriver; le résultat est toujours incertain.  C’est pourquoi, en droit international, les frontières d’un Québec indépendant pourraient ne pas être identiques aux frontières actuelles de la province.  Les résultats militaires et politiques, qui sont incertains, détermineront les frontières du Québec.

– 30 –

Download a zip folder of supporting documents, including the full issue of Le Devoir from 18-19 June 1994; my English translation of Magnet’s article in that issue preparing for civil war in Canada; a CBC short film clip of Magnet explaining the 1998 Quebec secession reference; a photo and biographical notes on Magnet.

The passage from Ilya Ehrenburg’s WWII flyer, “Kill!” is available online:

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