Welcome to “The Adventures of Alice in Referendumland . . .

The Adventures of Alice in Referendumland



spoof on the farce being made of the law in Canada to dismantle the country for North American Union.

The reader may recall that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland begin with a voyage down a rabbit hole  It is no small coincidence that her Canadian adventures begin down a Constitutional hole.

“Alice” therefore will be of most interest to Constitutional lawyers, and hopefully to law students, who can have fun puzzling out the symbolism.  However, the whimsicality and air of humour may appeal to anyone.

Suspend your disbelief, and voyage with Alice in Referendumland, where you will meet Queen Amphibia:  the Great Ancestress of all Golf Green Queens, Old Walrus Lucien Bouchard, the Black Queen, the Green Queen, Inter-Golfer Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion, the Law Professor, the Supreme Fish, and that Old Sheep, Pahh-Pahh-Pahrizeau of the London School of Golfenomics, among many unforgettable others.

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UPDATED 17 January 2019, 20 August 2019, 24 July 2021; 21 December 2021